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Eurodisc SA was founded in 1996. It has won customer’s confidence by offering reliable products of high technology and quality.

We have created a complete production chain in a private area of 1000m2,dealing with any order requirements.

After many successful years in the market we are able to face any challenge. As a result we have managed faster production and excellent quality of any digital storage in discs (CDs-DVDs).

We are always happy to discuss how your ideas and your business will be reflected in high definition digital discs.

Eurodisc, in its modern private facility, provides a complete production line consisting of the greatest and state of the art machines of massive production.

Our technical equipment lies among the best in Greece and also in Europe.

This is one of the greatest reasons we can safely claim that we are on the top of our area.

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Replication CD/DVD

The basic stages of the procedure followed, are…

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Duplication CD/DVD

Recording and copying with your data is possible and absolutely successful…

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We undertake every kind of printing on your digital disc…

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We are in position to offer any kind of packaging…

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We are happy to inform you that we undertake the…

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How localization can solve climate change

How localization can solve climate change

Over the past two centuries, millions of dedicated people – revolutionaries, activists, politicians, and theorists – have yet to curb the disastrous and increasingly globalised trajectory of economic polarisation and ecological degradation. Perhaps because we are...

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HDR10+ Licensing Begins

HDR10+ Licensing Begins

HDR10+ Technologies, LLC announced the start of the new licensing and logo certification program for HDR10+ technology. HDR10+ is the royalty-free, open standard dynamic metadata platform for High Dynamic Range (HDR), which optimizes picture quality for 4K Ultra HD...

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