CD/DVD Manufacture And Production


The industrial production does not differ from the vinyl disc’s production. The creation of a metallic stamper is also required which will press the discs material and imprints the data. CDs material where the data will be imprinted consists of a polycarbonate layer disc. The layer diameter is 120 mm and width is 1.2 mm. DVD though consists of two disc (0.6 mm) which are bond together.

Glass Mastering

Firstly, for the CD/DVD manufacture and production a glass master is created from the data. A glass disc is used. This disc is coated with a special photo sensitive layer. The digital data are embedded on the disc using o high laser beam. The laser is controlled by a computer which is also responsible for the accurate digital data’s transfer. If for any reason any error occurs during the procedure the recording is automatic canceled. And the end of the process all the digital data have been imprinted on the stamper. This data have the form of track pitches and data pits. Finally they are nickel plated in order make the surface more durable during the pressing procedure.


The CD copies are produced by the molding of the polycarbonate material. This polycarbonate material embends the data pits and track pitches in correct position on the disc. Then the transparent discs are coated with a thin aluminum layer. This layer makes the surface able to reflect the laser beam and to read the data. In the next stage a thin lacquer layer is coated over the aluminium to protect the metal from corrosion. The quality of the lacquer and the accurate coating are very important for the printing of the disc. The last face of the production is the scanning. At this final level we ensure the perfect quality of every single CD and DVD.

Glass Mastering
CD Replication
CD scanner
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