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We undertake every kind of printing on your digital disc. We own state of the art offset – screen printing machines KAMMANKBA Metronic. Our machinery have the ability of four color process Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black as well full shading base, with white as  the most common color.


The color palette CMYK is the practical application of the abstract colors. It was created in order to support colors which are made of ink substances. For that reason the abstract colors have two applications. In the first case all colors are created from the mixture of the four basic colors which are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Secondly, the mixture of the three first produces the black color. The selection of these colors can be done from catalogues called “color scales“. These catalogues are made in several types and present to the designer the result of any color after the printing.

Most design applications when referred to CMYK colors use the term process colors. When a color must be characterized based on the color model of CMYK four percentages have to be reported, one for each basic color.

The combination of this percentages gives the final hue on the screen such as the final result after the printing. The printing of the colors is based on the dot technology (raster). You can find our portfolio with samples of our printing work offset and screen printing CD/DVD.

We are confident that the result will impress you!


Metronic CD Offest print
CD DVD CMYK Offset print
Metronic CD Print Offset


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