Duplication CD-R/DVD-R


The complete procedure for the recording and copy CD-R/ DVD-R is:

An empty CD is designed to be read from a typical CD-Player or any CD-Rom driver. The process of recording and writing of the digital data is totally different. The industrial copies are identical with the original CD disks. The biggest difference is the content. The content lies with in the lower polycarbonate layer and the higher lacquer coating. At the copy phase the information is coded by pressing, and by this way, transferring the data pits and track pitches directly on the substrate. The side that contains the information is nickel plated and the a lacquer layer is coated in order to protect the metal from corrosion. CD-Rom discs are also polycarbonate on the other side too.

The substrate though is molded by the track of the spiral drive and not by directly pressing the data pits and track pitches. Afterwards this side is coated with an organic paint. Then the silver or golden reflective surface follows. Finally a lacquer layer is also applied for the protection of the metallic surface.


During the CD/DVD recording phase the laser beam follows a spiral path burning the painted surface. This way a pitch is creating similar to the ones we meet at the industrial disks. Basically the laser beam reacts with the photosensitive paint and makes it reflective at this spot. This way when the head reads the specific spot the laser beam will not return transferring the result as zero. Τhe industrial CDs or music CDs they do not have any paint layer, so the aluminum as the reflective surface is more than enough.

Recording and copying with your data is possible and absolutely successful. It is recommended in cases of small quantity orders due to high cost.

CD copy
CD copy
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