What is the difference?

The manufactured (replicated) CDs are significantly more reliable and durable than the ones written on a computer CD (duplicated).

How to manufacture (injection molding).

The procedure is the same as the playback CD / DVD:

We manufacture one or more metal Stampers (negative) from the original CD (master) which you will provide us. The Stampers are placed in high-tech machines with molds.
Then polycarbonate plastic is injected into the mold under high pressure where it is cooled. This way it takes the shape, but also the data from each Stamper which has been affixed to the mold.

Why we use injection molding technology instead of burning the disc:

  • Continuous inspections are applied during  the production, which guarantee that each CD / DVD is perfect.
  • The injection molded CD / DVD’s signal is much stronger than the one of a CD-R/DVD-R, ensuring the reliability in all reproduction equipment (CD / DVD Players).
  • The side of the disc that contains the data is much more resistant, ensuring its long and trouble free life.